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There are two ways to submit your articles on the internet -

do it your self or have someone do it for you.

I submit the majority of my articles to the major directory myself. You can find a link to and my list of over 50 other Article Directories by clicking here .

When I want an article to be spread all over the Internet, when I have seen an article do really well with lots of views at and getting picked up by web masters and newsletter publishers, this is when I use the service I want to tell you about below:

The Article Guy Presents...
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What is the one word you have heard every single SUCCESSFUL Internet Marketing mentor mention over and over?

You know it.....


Articles are the #1 way to consistently increase traffic to your web site, and consistently improve your search engine rankings!

"So what is it about these articles that I keep hearing about... what do they do?"

Great question!


Let me start off with the free promised lesson called...

Search Engine Positioning 101

A search engines' goal is to provide the most relevant result for each keyword or phrase searched. If you search for 'cleaning your kitchen' a search engine will return the best results of websites with information on cleaning your kitchen, first.

The sites which get the most traffic are the ones that come up in the first 2 pages of the search results. That is your goal , to get your site as high in the search results for a particular keyword or phrase as possible.

Now, how does a search engine determine which sites are the most relevant to display at the top? Well, there are of course, many factors which 'compute' relevancy for search results - but 2 of the factors contribute the most.

The two main factors that bring your website to the top of search results for a particular keyword are

1. optimization and 2. back-links.

Lets go over these 2 factors in detail.

The first factor - optimization:

Optimization is how well your web site is 'built and designed' around a particular keyword or phrase. There are many areas of a website where you could place this keyword or phrase.

You may find some of these areas familiar to you: text, links, meta-tags, titles, headings, images, are just some of the areas on your site which should contain your keyword/phrase.

Of course, optimizing a single page of your website won't do it. You must do this to as many pages of your website as possible. If you don't have that many pages on your website, well... you need them - but there's good news... it's easy!

W hat do you think is the easiest way to create hundreds of content-rich, optimized, pages all around your keyword???

That's right - ARTICLES!

Now, I don't mean long articles like you would see in an e-zine, newsletter, newspaper or magazine... I'm talking about several short 250-500 word articles , all specially written about your topic... with your main keywords spread out through them!

We'll get more into this later, but now that you're getting the picture, let me explain the...

Second Factor - Back-Links

Back-links , sometimes referred to as "incoming links," is the second most important factor to bringing your web site to the top of search engines for a particular keyword or phrase.

Here's an example to show how and why this works:

Let's say you have a website on cleaning supplies. Your website is well optimized according to factor 1 above, and you have dozens of pages on your site with the key phrase 'cleaning supplies'. Now let's say there is another website on the same topic, also well optimized for the key phrase 'cleaning supplies'...

What's going to put your site above your competitors' site, in the search results?

Back-links! The more web sites that have a link to YOUR web site, the higher you climb in search results.

Sometimes you can get your friends or colleagues to put a link to your site on theirs. Some sites will even sell you a link to your site. Press releases work as well. If online news sites pick up your press release, which contains a link to your site, that will help you out as well.

All those ways are great... but there's also another easier way!

W hat do you think is the easiest way to get thousands of different web sites to link back to your site? can have your keyword-rich ARTICLES submitted to article-hungry web sites, directories, and publishers!

AHHH.... It all makes sense now doesn't it?

No??? Maybe an example will help!

My good friend and mentor Tom Antion holds the #1 spot at Google for the keyword "public speaking" . There are over 21 MILLION , ...that's right I said million ... other web sites below him.

What does having the #1 spot for that keyword mean? How about over 5,000 unique visitors every single month! That's over 160 potential customers EVERY SINGLE DAY! And you wonder why he's a millionaire...

How do you think he did this?

Using the 2 MAIN FACTORS of Search Engine
Positioning - 101... That you learned above!

Factor 1 - Check out how many different pages show the keyword "public speaking" at

145! That means he has over 100 different pages created around the keyword "public speaking".

How do you think he got so many pages???

Check out the site. It's full of... that's right ARTICLES!

Factor 2
- To measure the number of back-links (incoming links) to has, we use a free online tool called Link Popularity.

As you can see, Tom's site has 2,764 incoming links on MSN and 1,230 links on Yahoo .

How do you think he got so many back-links???

You're catching on... once again - ARTICLES!


Great! I'm so glad you finally understand how POWERFUL articles are for your web site traffic!

But guess what? That's not all articles are good for!

The same EXACT articles can be used for:

> Blogs

>  e-Zines

>  eBooks >  AutoResponders >  Newsletters
>  eCourses >  eCourses >  TeleSeminars >  Content creation >  Site expansion
>  Books > Podcasts >  Audio CDs >  eMail Marketing >  Incoming Link Generation

And I'm just getting started!

Now to get his site to #1 for the keyword "public speaking" do you think Tom Antion wrote and submitted all those articles himself?


Writing and submitting articles is time-consuming, tedious work, that business owners should never do themselves!

Well... writing - maybe. Writing short articles doesn't take too long, but if you need a few dozen articles - that could take a busy business owner months to put together!

This is where I come in!

I have put together a very strong team of writers and submitters that are personally trained by me and personally approved by Tom Antion!

My team and I do the exact same thing for your site, that Tom Antion did and still does for ALL his sites!

In fact, Tom Antion still uses this EXACT service to get all of his article work done!

We custom write and submit keyword-rich articles to over 40,000 publishers, 150+ article announcement / distribution lists, and over 400 article directories.

In return, you can get new pages for your web site (Factor 1) and hundreds of incoming back-links from other sites (Factor 2) - everything necessary to climb in rankings and bring in more traffic to your site!

You also get to use the same articles for your blogs, newsletters, ezines, autoresponders, and so much more!

All this increases your web site positioning in search engines, and brings many more unique visitors to your site!

However, because this is the first time that I am offering this service to the public , we need to do some price testing. The prices below will not last, I can assure you they will go up! This service is extremely popular and very time consuming - if we start getting too many orders, we will instantly increase the price to slow down the orders.

Choose the service you want:

Don't forget, your article will be submitted to over 24,000 publishers and over 400 article directories. You will also receive 2 bonus items with any purchase.

Service Cost
Bonus 1 - Guide on how to write a keyword-rich 250-500 word article on any topic, in 30 minutes or less! Free

Bonus 2 - Guide to optimizing every page of your website to get it ready for search engines! Free

Please keep in mind, that because all this work is done by hand, article writing and submissions will be on a first come, first served basis.

Tom wanted me to mention that when we ran this service for his website - he got #1 in MSN for the phrase first class business travel. He now bounces around between the #1 and #2 spot on MSN. Keep in mind we only did ONE article for that site, that's it!

OK - one more thing. Tom Antion loves to brag! Put his name into Google. Look at the number of results for his name - 157,000! More than half of those pages are from articles! One thing that Tom always preaches about, is getting your name out there . Using articles is by far the easiest and quickest way to get your name to show up on thousands of web pages. Imagine... if a company that is hiring you, Googles your name, and sees thousands of results - they will know you're credible! . Get started now! Click below.

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