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I've been writing a syndicated newspaper column on relationships, parenting and stress management for 12 years, and posting articles to articles directories for almost two years. In the spring of 2005 I was asked to talk about article writing and marketing for a teleseminar presentation. In preparing for the teleseminar, I began to look over 12 years worth of articles to see if there was any pattern or structure to the way I write.

Well, what do you know, I was able to see a clear structure to most if not all of my articles.

Once I realized that there was a structure and a formula behind each article I got very excited. I got excited because now I could help all the professionals I saw around me who believed they could not write.

From that excitement, I've put together a great package for you - 2 6 sure fire article writing templates that you can use over and over again - all in one package.

You see, I am so sick of the story I hear every day from prospects and members of my article writing club and mentees. Many have spent so much money trying to market themselves and got few if any clients as a result. I've also consulted with so many of the same people that have spent hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars trying to learn how to write articles, and did not learn half of what you will get from these articles templates.

I really don't want any of this bad stuff to happen to you!

In this one-of-a-kind, ready to use package, you will get article writing templates such as:

> The 7=8 template

> The 5 & 5

> 3 stages - click here for an example

> What to do when......

> 7 steps to.........

> Problem/solution

> And 20 more immediately useable templates that you can use over and over again to write more articles in less time than you ever thought possible!

And here are some of the many more benefits you will receive by ordering and using these article writing templates:

> Confidence that you can write an article when ever you more writer's block ever again.

> An example article of mine for each article writing will get started so much faster when you see how each template is fleshed out.

> 2 6 ideas right in front of you.................and the ideas will begin to cascade in your own mind.

  • Confidence that you can write an article when ever you more writer's block ever again

But don't just take it from me. Here's what others are saying about my

20 Minute Articles
2 6 Article WritingTemplates:

"Jeff, your article templates give away too much! You should charge $500 for this jam-packed e-book! I especially like Template #15. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I honestly thought I wouldn't learn anything new. What a surprise to actually get more than my money's worth!"

Jeanette Joy Fisher - Expert Author
Joy to the Home, Design Psychology

So get these templates now before I realize she is right and raise the price!

" Jeff Herring "The Article Guy" has created a set of templates tha t make article writing a snap.

I had to write a 500 word article about golf just last week and I was staring at a blank piece of paper when I didn't really have time to be staring at a blank piece of paper.

I pulled out Jeff's templates. Two minutes later I was filling in the blanks and 20 minutes later a complete article was done and being distributed around the world. The entire reason for the article was to teach people something and then get them to go to my golf site in hopes they would click on the Google adsense ads. It pulled in about $300.00 the first day in adsense revenue.

Now the same article will be distributed in article directories and public speaking sites around the world. "

Tom Antion, Internet Marketing Expert, Professional Speaker and author of

Look at it this way - For less than the price of a dinner and movie date, you can get 26 Article WritingTemplates that you can use over and over again for the rest of your life.

Because this is proprietary information, I do not offer a money back guarantee. Because I am so certain these templates will have you writing more articles and in less time than you ever thought possible, if for some reason you still find your self stuck, I will meet with your personally by phone for a one hour article writing consultation ($250 value.)

I've set up the templates in such a way that if you used one a week and rotated the set of 2 6 just one time, you will have a year's worth of weekly articles.

to get your 26 templates later to start writing away today, right away.

But do not put this off, as it will not be much longer until I really listen to the testimonial above and significantly raise the price on these Article Writing Templates.

to get started write away. You can have your very first article written and completed before the end of the day.

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