Article Writing - The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started Writing Articles

You, an article writer?

Yes, you. Listen, if I can do it, then you can do it. I’m the guy who never finished my Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy because I believed I could not write a dissertation.

Here we are years later and I make my living teaching and coaching article writing and marketing.

How to get started

1. Get rid of any notion that you cannot be an article writer - This is just a story you are telling yourself and believing. So change the story and start writing.

2. Consider your area of expertise - Choose a specific area from your niche about which you can write.

3. List seven tips - What are the seven most common suggestions you offer to your clients? List these seven tips.

4. Write a few lines about each tip - Just add a few lines of explanation for each tip. Take the reader by the hand and show them how to use the tip.

5. Write an introduction and conclusion - Just a few lines each.

6. Run a spell check and grammar check - Check for spelling and grammar errors.

7. Submit your article to the article directories - Get your article up on the article directories and begin to get your name out there.

And as you read on the side of your shampoo bottle, rinse and repeat. Don’t get complacent because you have posted your first article.

Celebrate, yes. Get complacent, no.

This is a numbers game - the more articles you have out there, the better your numbers will be. Write that second article.

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From Jeff Herring - The Article Guy

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