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Multiple Streams of Article Income 5 Modules E-Course


How would you like to create 5 products to market and sell on your website and do it in as little as five weeks?

Well, now you can with my brand new Multiple Streams of Article Income E-Course!

That's right. In as little as five weeks, you can create 5 or more products that you can market and sell, all based on writing simple articles.

Take a look at the five training modules that will get you there:

Week 1 - Creating Your Flagship Article - I'll show you how to create a tips article that will represent you well and speak directly to your niche.

Week 2 - Designing Empowering Articles - Learn how to take your article(s) and turn them into products by adding just one thing.

Week 3 - Creating an Article Mini-Poster - Here is a stream of income you can market online and offline. This one tip brings me a great stream of income online, and every time I speak in public.

Week 4 - Designing your own E-Course - A free e-course is a great marketing tool and a paid e-course is a great stream of income. Learn how to design both for your specific niche.

Week 5 - Creating Your Signature E-Book - After the first four lessons, creating an e-book will be so very do-able for you. Did you know that a book that would sell for $10 in the bookstores can sell for $50 or more as an e-book?

" of the additional benefits of this online course is the fact that we have products we may use immediately at the conclusion of each assignment; most courses require that you learn material first and create it on your own (without feedback and support) at a later date. Thank you for the work you have done in creating this course!"  -  Kelly Johnson, Online Business Manager - Cornerstone Virtual Assistance, LLC -

How this works

Sounds great Jeff, but just how is this going to happen? How does this work? Can I really do this?

Great questions, all.

Here's how it all works. Each week you will receive by email one of the training modules. Each one will build on the other.

Each week you will receive by email the training module for that week. Each module comes with content rich instruction, in specific detail, on how to design the product of the week. Each module will also have a link to an audio offering you further tips. You will go through the training module and then be given a homework assignment for the week. Complete the assignment and email it to me for review. I'll review, offer suggestions and tweak your homework and return it to you within 36 hours.

In addition to each training module and audio links, you will also have unlimited email access to me for questions.

So, you want to do this, but are wondering what it is going to cost you, right? I've been told that I'm nuts to sell this for less than $500. Well, since that's not the first time I've heard that diagnosis, I'm going to ignore them and launch this E-Course for only $147.

Click here to order your Multiple Streams of Article Income E-course and start today!

With my Multiple Streams of Article Income E-course you get

==> 5 Modules to help you create at least five products in five modules. One module each week.
==> Clear instructions for each module and product.
==> I review and offer suggestions for each step all along the way.
==> Unlimited email questions.
==> And remember, when you follow the program as it is laid out, you will have at least 5 new products at the end of 5 weeks!

Still not sure this is for you? Where else and how else will you have five new products five weeks from right now?

Click here to get started right away!


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